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Our instructors are Laboratory Automation and Informatics experts with a Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineer, and Computer Science background. They are professional trainers and registered Professional Engineers with experience in GMP, GLP, and Safety. They have spent a great deal of their careers working in compliance, regulatory, quality control, and process improvement. They have helped define best practices and industry standards working with various organizations and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They have spent a great deal of their careers helping organizations effectively use automation to achieve compliancy, regulations, standards, policies, validations, QA/QC, optimizations, best practices, and business processes.

Our instructors have a career working on medical instrument manufacturing and development at New Image Industries. They have optimized robot operations, developed custom integrated robotic systems, instituted standard engineering practices, and investigated new technologies. They have served as Directors in Automation, automating the production of proprietary technology using off-the-shelf and custom robotic solutions while managing the engineering efforts of life science organizations.
In addition, our instructors have presented at various Lab Automation meetings since 1996 and have published in the Journal for the Association for Laboratory Automation (JALA), for which now serve as Associate Editors. Our founders were Program Chairs, Associate Program Chairs, Scientific Committee members, founders of sessions and short course programs for Lab Automation . Our founders were the founding executive chairs of the San Diego and Bay Area chapters of the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG). Our founders have taught courses on laboratory automation focusing on issues and techniques since 1996.

Our founders have received numerous Service of Excellence Awards from the Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA) where they served several years as a Scientific Committee Members, Organizers, Short Course Instructors and Educational Coordinators bridging conference short courses with university credits, Guest Editors for JALA, and the organizers of the Software Supplement to JALA. As Founders and Executive Chairs of LRIG, Biotech Forums, and the Southern California Nanosig and Nano Forums they organized forums for education, business, and technology.
Our founders make up the strength of our instructional team and they have earned numerous patents in Drug Discovery, Genomics, Bio-informatics, and have advised various labs in their growth, sales/marketing, and processes. They consult companies on their technology and business developments and perform corporate training.

As corporate partners for Knowledgeable Information System Solutions (KISS) Principle Inc., they helped develop a Bio-Medical Asset Management solution abbreviated BAM™ for the life science market offering associated products for helping businesses save money by predicting cost and ROI's. The system manages laboratory and IT assets, inventories and tracks assets, and remote controls assets. It can conduct process and cost analysis, merger/acquisition and move planning, and calculates usage and a TOC Cost Reduction. BAM™ is a fully integrated product with inventory, procurement, auto discovery of lab equipment, help desk, work & service order tracking, document management, calibration and more that may work with existing LIMS, sample management, scheduling, work flow, and financial systems. The BAM™ project uses the ASTM AnIML XML data exchange standard, proposed Laboratory Performance Markup Language (LabPML), and the Service in Management Performance Markup Language (SiMPL) for tracking usage, productivity, and performance. More information is available from our exhibition booth #535 at Lab Automation 2006, in the poster session entitled "Real-time Monitoring of in Process Laboratory Experimentation".

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